pork steak

air fried bone-in pork steak, served on a round chopping board

Quick & Easy Bone-in Pork Steak in Air Fryer Recipe

Indulge in a melody of flavors with our effortless recipe for Cajun-seasoned bone-in pork steak in air fryer. The touch of cold butter and zesty Cajun spices promises tender meat and a delightfully crispy exterior.

air fried pork shoulder steak, served on a board with rosemary garnish

Effortless Pork Shoulder Steak Air Fryer Recipe

Achieve a sensational pork shoulder steak air fryer effortlessly. Tender boneless pork shoulder blade steak seasoned with your favorite dry rub seasoning and cooked to juicy perfection. An easy, flavorful dish that guarantees satisfying results.