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Color Scheme

var(–contrast) #192733

var(–contrast-2) #213343

var(–contrast-3) #2E475D

var(–contrast-4) #3E5974

var(–contrast-5) #516f90

var(–contrast-6) #7691AD

var(–base-8) #99afc4

var(–base-7) #b6c7d6

var(–base-6) #dbe4ed

var(–base-5) #eaf0f6

var(–base) #f6f9fc

var(–base-3) #ffffff

var(–accent-dark) #d44325

var(–accent) #FF5C35

var(–accent-light) #ff7a59

var(–accent-lighter) #ffcec2

var(–base-4) #fcead7

var(–base-2) #fef4ea

var(–atlantic-blue) #0068b1

var(–kyoto-red) #ED2D40

var(–emerald-green) #4FB06D

var(–cherry-blossom) #F62D71

var(–sahara-orange) #FF8933

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Preheat your air fryer.

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