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In this food blog, you’ll find easy, tasty and healthy recipes, comprehensive product buying guides, tips & tricks, tutorials, cooking time and temperatures, cheatsheets, oven-to-air fryer calculator, etc.

Our goal is to become the ultimate online resource for anything and everything air fryer.

While we recognize that an air fryer is just a catchy term for a countertop convection oven, it has proven to be a utilitarian kitchen appliance. It’s now our go-to machine for cooking fries, making chicken wings, reheating leftover food, and toasting bread slices.

Reheating pizza with an air fryer is much better than using a microwave. And if you’re baking a few muffins or cookies, you don’t need to fire up your large oven.

Convenience, multifunctionality, ease of use and maintenance, being compact, faster cooking time, minimal oil use are reasons it has built a huge fan base.

To this day, it’s still the most popular small kitchen appliance.

Though it achieved viral status, we don’t think it will fizzle into extinction. It has many use cases in the kitchen and is not as intimidating as a pressure cooker, but only time will tell.

If you already bought an air fryer, welcome to the team!

Hopefully, we’ll be able to guide you through your air-frying journey or at the very least help you make quick and delicious meals with it.


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Mission Vision

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly resource for air fryer enthusiasts of all skill levels. We aim to inspire and empower our readers to incorporate delicious air fryer recipes into their daily lives and to help them make the most of their air fryers.

Here’s how we find the best cooking time and temperature for frozen Brussels sprouts.

frozen baby Brussels sprouts cooking times
Test results for baby Brussels sprouts cooking time and temperature

We make sure that we’re giving you the best cooking time and temperature estimates in our air fryer recipes.

However, there are still variables that will make our estimates less accurate—this includes the type and size of your air fryer and the amount of food you’re cooking.

Apart from being a reliable source of air fryer recipes, we also aim to provide our readers with a thorough guide on buying their first air fryer or upgrading to a new one.

Through our website, we hope to foster a community of air fryer enthusiasts who share their love of this versatile appliance and inspire each other to try new and exciting recipes.

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope our recipes and tips will inspire you to experiment with your air fryer and discover its endless possibilities.

Happy air frying!