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At Fryit.co, we always strive for excellence. Whether it’s recipes or product reviews, rigorous testing is mandatory. Delivering accurate and up-to-date information is ingrained in our company culture.

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The Dream Team

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Rosel is a home cook, mom, wife, and foodie extraordinaire. She’s the kitchen queen, whipping up tasty dishes day in day out.

At Fryit, she’s the culinary mastermind behind our recipes and oversees our social media marketing channels.

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Arvz is Rosel’s better half. Cooking is his love language. He simply enjoys making delicious meals for his friends and families.

He juggles multiple roles on this food blog, serving as its photographer, editor, SEO director, and web designer.

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Dan is the web developer, videographer and website admin for fryit.co. He’s an IT professional with a passion for cooking.

He absolutely loves the challenge of complex codes and making elaborate yet delicious Korean dishes.

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Air frying brussels sprouts top view, with studio equipments

Our Mission

Since the inception of this website, our goal has always been to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly resource for air fryer enthusiasts of all skill levels, whether it’s recipes, product reviews, cooking cheat sheets, or anything in between.

How We Test Cooking Times & Temperature

The most challenging aspect of recipe development for air fryers is determining the appropriate cooking time and temperature.

Several factors come into play such as preheating time, the size of the air fryer, and the quantity of food.

Our approach is to continuously test until we establish a reliable range that can be followed by our readers.

Air frying leftover pizza slices
Replacement air fryers after Cosori recall

How We Test Air Fryers

When reviewing an air fryer or any product, we purchase the items ourselves to avoid any editorial bias. We do not accept any freebies in exchange for a review.

Each product undergoes rigorous testing and is rated based on functionality, heat distribution, build quality, usability, ease of cleaning, and price.

To learn more about our review process and the tools we use, read our editorial guidelines.

For any concerns, questions, suggestions you can reach us using this contact form.